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Tallahassee, Fl family Christmas portaits

Tallahassee, Fl family Christmas portaits

Hello everyone!

We’ve had so much going on for the past few months that we’ve neglected posting. Now, I’ve got so many things to post I wasn’t sure where to start. I started looking at these photos from a portrait session in Tallahassee from right before Christmas and knew I had to share these first. I know it was a few months ago, but, it was a ton of fun. Plus, there is a German shepherd in a sweater vest and even an emu named Kevin!

See for yourself. 😉

Sue is a former co-worker and she invited me to photograph her awesome family before her daughter Tori left for the military. I am so glad that she did because we had a ton of fun photographing this adorable family!

Kevin didn’t want anything to do with being photographed. Bill tried valiantly to lure him to the far end of the enclosure, but Kevin teased us with his presence before running off into the brush. Emus are funny creatures!